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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 00:00
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Shai Mccarrick 26/11/2011 by patrick1234

"I just love their food so much and my family orders one about 3 times a week'.

Abdullah Starrh reviewed a month ago

Quality Excellent. "The best so far I came from Birmingham just for their pizza. The service was excellent and they were very nice towards everyone and the parmesan was just great and hope they open a branch near me and hope everyone goes. I 100% recommend this pizzeria due to everything and hope I can visit it again!!!!".

Abraham Khan reviewed 2 months ago

"Quality Excellent...Good Pizza".

A Google User reviewed 10 months ago

"Overall Excellent. One of the best pizza shops in the area, by far! Their garlic breads and garlic sauce is actually amazing ;)"

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